Junior Committee members raise money for camper scholarships, while expanding their skillsets and networks. Our mission is to identify, engage, and connect the next generation of high-impact donors and volunteers to each other and to Camp Twin Lakes.

Find Your People


Family. Home. Community.

Campers use these words to describe what Camp means to them.

Their sense of belonging develops as they laugh and climb and eat and swim with friends who face the same diagnosis or life challenge. In turn, campers build reserves of resilience, happiness, and motivation to access while navigating obstacles outside of Camp.

If you’re at least 21, but not yet 40, and want to share your time and talents to impact our Campers, then this is the place for you!

We invite you to meet and connect with your peers through our Junior Committee, which provides the opportunity to be a vital part of our Camp family. Here you will find your people, create connections, and experience belonging as you volunteer to impact Camp and our campers.

Why Join ?

“Being part of the Camp Twin Lakes Junior Committee has been incredible. I have loved meeting other impact driven young professionals from other industries and collaborating with them on various CTL initiatives. By volunteering with Camp Twin Lakes, I’ve grown personally and professionally in many ways. I’m so grateful to CTL for the opportunity to serve such a great organization.” Michelle Bevan, Junior Committee Leadership Council member from Salesforce


Our Junior Committee is designed to bring young professionals together around service to our campers, while offering leadership development and social opportunities so you can expand your network, skills, and resume.


Camp Twin Lakes served nearly 8,000 campers in 2023!

By adding a third campus in April 2023, we can now annually host up to 3,500 more campers, including new populations. And with expanded capacity, we must also grow our camper scholarship program.

Our commitment as an organization is to provide a scholarship to every camper. Therefore, our individual donor program – including all dollars raised through the Junior Committee – directly funds camper scholarships.

We ask each JC member for a personal donation as part of engaging all corners of our community to support our campers. We deeply value and appreciate the time and talents our volunteers invest, and we believe our campers are worth your financial investment.

Membership Details

General Membership Details

As a CTL JC Member, you will be able to:

  • Engage in CTL’s efforts to provide life-changing camp experiences for campers navigating disease, disability, or other life challenges.
  • Experience leadership development programming, social events, and volunteer opportunities designed by and for young professionals.
  • Serve with your peers. (JC members can serve on its workgroups and are eligible to apply to join its Executive Team by committing at the Leadership Council level.)

Workgroups meet monthly on Zoom!

All active members are eligible to join one or more workgroups to help execute the vision of the Junior Committee. On your membership form, simply indicate your interest(s), and we will contact you!


  • Recruit members of your personal under-40 network to join the JC
  • Engage your network to bring new volunteers and donors to CTL
  • Participate in workgroup meetings, which will always be virtual


Camp Connections – This team works on anything on-site at Camp including corporate volunteering, Spin for Kids, Radiothon, and future ideas like adult summer camp; they also work to infuse Camp elements into anything the JC is doing away from our campuses to tell Camp stories and connect the people with whom the JC is engaging with the mission of CTL.

Leadership Development – This team formalizes and executes the leadership development elements of the JC, including conceiving and executing Leadership events, overseeing our Leadership Council recruitment, and engaging with potential corporate partners, members of the CTL Board of Directors, and members of the CTL community that could provide leadership development opportunities to JC members.

Membership & Marketing – All marketing that the JC does is in service of identifying, engaging, and retaining members, so it makes sense that this two components of the work aren’t separated from each other. This group will also support CTL events that serve more of a marketing purpose for the organization like Showhouse and Partners Card.

Social – Because a number of our CTL events fall under other work groups, this group will focus on opportunities that are purely social (i.e. fundraising events, happy hours, etc.) or they will support the other work groups on bringing social elements into the work they’re planning.

Leadership Council & Executive Team

Leadership Council

JC members who join the Leadership Council commit to making a $550 annual personal donation to send a kid to Camp for an entire week and to serving as a CTL ambassador to their professional and personal network. To nominate a young professional to our Leadership Council, click here.

Once they join, Leadership Council members are recognized in the list below with a link to their LinkedIn profile, they’re invited to a quarterly engagement specifically designed for Leadership Council members, and they’re eligible to apply for vacancies on our JC Executive Team.

The JC’s Executive Team is a group of 18 young professionals who meet monthly and collaborate weekly to raise money for camper scholarships and execute the CTL Junior Committee’s mission and annual plan. (Note: Current members of our Executive Team have a * by their name below.)

2024-25 CTL Junior Committee Co-Chairs

*Kacey Baine, Kilpatrick Townsend & *Lesley Ehmer, The Home Depot

Active Leadership Council Members

Michelle Bevan, Salesforce

*Elizabeth Bray, SweetWater Brewing

*Juliane Brown, Jackson Healthcare (LocumTenens.com)

Marie Brown, RLS Ventures

*Josh Cagliani, Big Apple Services

*Kyle Cobb, Truist

*Gerard Dash, JM Search

*Abbie Davis, Salesforce

*Brandon Drew, United Distributors

*Max Ervin, CBRE Hotels

Kristen Green, Kilpatrick Townsend

*Anya Jaffer, Deloitte

*Kelsey Johnson, American Express

*Mason Narramore, Equifax

Stephanie Rachmeler, Super Crispy

*Sara Reaves, Leadership Atlanta

*Corey Richards, Rooms-to-Go

Chris Smith, On The Fly Consulting

Andrew Vogel, Ripples Media

*Avery Walker, PNC

*McKenzie Waller, McKenzie Waller Consulting

*Carson Wynn, Alonso & Wirth

Leadership Council Alumni

*Michael Williams, United Distributors

Join Today !


If you’re at least 21 years old, but not yet 40, then in two easy steps, you’ll be an active Junior Committee member!

1. Complete and submit the CTL Junior Committee Membership Form.

2. Make an annual personal donation:

  • $550 one-time or $50/monthly to become a member of the Junior Committee’s Leadership Council.
  • $100 one-time or $10/monthly to become a Junior Committee member.
  • $50 one-time or $5/monthly to become a Junior Committee member IF you are one of the following: CTL alumni (campers, staffers, or camp counselors), current nonprofit employees, and those actively working on an undergraduate or post-graduate degree.

Once you’ve submitted your form and donated, you’re a member of the CTL Junior Committee! (And you’ll get to meet Bijou, our Camp therapy dog pictured above.)

Shortly after, you will receive a welcome email with details on how to get more involved. Engagement opportunities for members include: expanding your leadership skillset and networks, volunteering (details below), attending social and leadership events with fellow JC members, and sending more kids to Camp through fundraising and personal giving.

Engagement Opportunities


Our volunteers work behind the scenes to ensure that every camper experiences the joy of Camp. They provide hundreds of hours of service to Camp Twin Lakes each year. As a member of our JC, you can also create hands-on impact through opportunities like:

Joining a Junior Committee Workgroup (Virtual)

The JC has four standing workgroups to execute the work of building the next generation of Camp donors and high-impact volunteers.

This is where you can collaborate with your peers to directly impact campers. Workgroup meetings are always virtual, so members who don’t live in metro Atlanta can always have a voice in the JC’s work.

Workgroups include Camp Connections, Leadership Development, Membership & Marketing, and Social. They are each detailed in the Leadership Council and Member Details section.

Participating in events that benefit Camp

Each year, we have event-based volunteer opportunities including Spin for Kids, Radiothon, Partners Card, our Golf Tournament, and the Spring Southeastern Showhouse. You can read about these events here.

Spending Time at Camp (in Rutledge or Winder)

You can volunteer on-site at one of our campuses by:

Becoming a Camp Counselor

As a JC member, you can directly impact campers as a Camp Counselor for a week or weekend Camp program. CTL works with more than 80 nonprofits each year to recruit campers from different populations and diagnoses. We will connect you with one of these partners to get plugged in. Learn more by reading the Camp Counselor section of our main Volunteer page.

Note: Each CTL partner has their own requirements for volunteers, so while we will facilitate these introductions, we cannot guarantee that each person will be able to immediately volunteer at the camp of their choice.

Finding a Specialized Role

JC members can use their skillsets in its workgroups that have incredible impact. Members who participate and create impact over time could also be recruited to lend their professional talents to the CTL staff, Board of Directors, or Board committees for special project opportunities.

Upcoming JC Events

Save the Date for Camp Dance Party!

Friday May 17 from 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. at Westside Motor Lounge.

More details coming soon. Tickets will go on sale on Tuesday, April 2.

Learn more about our annual Camp Twin Lakes events here.


For more information or if you have any questions about the Camp Twin Lakes Junior Committee, please email [email protected].