Camp Twin Lakes provides fully adaptive and deeply impactful camp experiences to children and families living with or affected by serious illnesses, disabilities, and other life challenges, year-round.

Our intentionally-designed programs help campers overcome obstacles as they learn new skills to more independently manage their challenges. As they make memories with their peers, the isolation they often feel vanishes in the comfort of new friendships forged by the strongest of bonds—the challenges they have in common.

The magic happens year-round at our three campuses located in Rutledge and Winder, Georgia.

Our Story

Before Camp Twin Lakes opened its cabins in 1993, groups in Georgia supporting families living with special health care needs lacked the adequate facilities necessary to provide camp programs for children with serious illnesses, disabilities, and other life challenges.

30 years later, Camp Twin Lakes now powers a vital network of 70+ nonprofit partners who have established their home away from home at our campuses.

We provide our Camp Partners with industry-leading expertise in therapeutic camp programming, medically supportive facilities, adaptive equipment, tailored nutrition services, and qualified staff.

Our Camp Partners provide the clinical experience required to support campers during their stay and also recruit volunteer cabin counselors and medical practitioners necessary to staff their camps. Our collaboration ensures that Camp Twin Lakes and our Camp Partners share resources to maximize impact and best meet the needs of each camper.

10,000 campers served
with the help of 3,500 volunteers
70% of camp costs subsidized by Camp Twin Lakes

Take a look at our Camp Calendar for the dates when Camp Partners will be hosting programs at Camp Twin Lakes.

To find the right camp for you or your child by diagnosis, click here. If you’re affiliated with an organization that is interested in becoming a Camp Partner, please email us at [email protected]

Summer Camp

Each summer, Camp Twin Lakes serves thousands of children and teens from across the country during weeklong overnight camping programs. Each week, Camp serves a different unique diagnosis or life challenge at our three medically-supported campuses in Winder and Rutledge, GA.

At Camp, children with special healthcare needs and life challenges can participate in our fully-adaptive camp activities, such as zip lines, rock walls, and horseback riding, as well as our nature programming, which includes interactive nature exploration trails, a wheelchair accessible green treehouse, stargazing programs, and our 120-acre farm. Most of our summer camps serve kids ages 7-17 (ages vary per program).

The impact of Camp reaches beyond one week, beyond the simple joys of childhood, and beyond fond memories of summer camp. Our camping programs are intentionally designed to provide our campers with opportunities to learn new skills, develop a sense of community, and achieve personal growth. In a safe, supportive, and fun environment, campers can take risks and try new things, which lead to greater confidence and independence. As campers grow older, they are able to develop their leadership skills and learn how they can overcome and even use their unique challenges for the good in their own lives and in their communities.

84% of campers reported increased independence after Camp
82% of campers felt they belonged to a supportive community at Camp
87% of campers said they learned something new because of Camp programs

Weekend Camp

During the school year, Camp provides weekend programs for campers and their families. Each weekend, Camp serves different groups living with or affected by unique diagnoses or life challenges at our three medically-supported campuses in Winder and Rutledge, GA. Families enjoy camp activities together and gain valuable support and resources from other families facing similar challenges, and campers have more opportunities to practice skills they learned at summer camp.

Weekend retreats are vital to increasing camper touchpoints, giving campers an opportunity to reunite with their community, including families in their child’s growth and development, and providing respite for parents and caregivers.

92% of families said they gained new resources or knowledge from the Camp community
93% of families felt that they were more closely connected because of Camp
100% of families said Camp provided them with respite from their day-to-day challenges

To find the right camp for you or your family, click here.

Military & First responder Family Programs

Camp Twin Lakes provides several weekend retreats for active and retired service members, first responders, and their immediate family members. These camps offer service members, veterans, and their families a fully-accessible camp experience and new resources to take home once they leave camp. As a family, our campers have the opportunity to reconnect and rebuild their foundation in a relaxing and supportive environment. Learn more about how to attend or volunteer with one of our military and first responder programs.


Questions? Contact our Warrior Family Program Coordinator: [email protected]

Interested in starting a program for veterans, active-duty service members, or first responders and their families? Email [email protected]

Our Campuses

Camp Twin Lakes owns and operates three accessible and medically adaptive campuses in beautiful Rutledge and Winder, Georgia. Each of our campuses are fully equipped to accommodate campers of all abilities, which makes Camp fun for everyone!

Our Camp Partners

Powering over 60 partner organizations to provide camping experiences with life-changing impact on our campers.