What Is Camp Twin Lakes: Connect?

Camp Twin Lakes: Connect is the newest way to engage with our Camp community, where all the fun of Camp can be found safely online! In collaboration with the nonprofit organizations we serve, Connect will meet the unique needs of all the populations we serve. You’re just a few clicks away from accessing activities, group discussions, and interactive live programs for your family. Join us and experience some of your favorite parts of Camp right from your home, community, or hospital room. Camp isn’t just found in a physical location—it’s found in the community we create when kids who share the same day-to-day challenges come together. Our team is committed to providing community, positive memories, and respite to families who cannot be at Camp in person.

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What To




What To Expect

Through Connect, campers can participate as much or as little as they would like in the camp activities that interest them, including music, cooking, science, nature, and farming, as well as Camp traditions like Spirit Time and Flagpole. Each day we will host LIVE activities that will allow your camper to engage with peers, staff, and volunteers.

Connect activity videos are traditionally 10-20 minutes long, keeping campers engaged while limiting screen time. During these videos, campers will meet the staff, learn how to complete activities, and receive tasks to complete along with direction sheets so that they will not miss a step along the way!

Our goal is for campers to learn the same values, skills, and life lessons they do when they come to Camp in-person.

Here’s what a week of Connect might look like for your camper:


We can’t wait to offer campers and their families an exceptional, user-friendly platform for Camp online!

Accessibility – over the course of the summer, we serve thousands of campers with varying diagnoses, abilities, and other life challenges, making accessibility vital. Here are some of the accessibility features you will find in Connect:

  • Alternative Texts for Images and Videos
  • Closed Captioned Videos
  • Read-aloud Content

Engagement – connection with peers, staff, and volunteers is a powerful part of the Camp experience. Connect will provide campers with LIVE content daily, including discussion forums (monitored by a staff member) and “Snack Chat” discussions hosted by our team as a way to talk about camp, their struggles and challenges, and everything in between! We believe connection is the foundation of Camp and cannot wait to engage with one another online!

Mobile Compatibility – whether you are on the go or simply moving around your home, Connect can go with you! With seamless integration between computers, tablets, phones, and more, the program is easy to use no matter what device is available to you.

Parent/Guardian Account – we know that supervising your child’s online presence is incredibly important. On Connect, parents/guardians can review every aspect of their child’s activity on the platform. We also encourage you to use our Parent/Guardian Forum to connect with other parents!

Family Activities – everyone in your household who wants to experience the Camp fun is welcome.

Watch to learn how to navigate the site!


At Camp, safety is our primary goal. The online privacy and security of our campers is of the utmost importance to us.

Here are some of the many safety highlights:

    • All content is housed within the platform
    • Campers access Connect with individualize login credentials
    • Parents/guardians have the ability to remove camper data from the platform at any time through the parent account
    • Secure host WebEx will be used for live content and group discussions. Passwords, waiting rooms, and customized links will keep access secure
    • The platform is compliant in the following government and elective requirements: Children’s Online Protection Privacy Act (COPPA), The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR 2016/679), Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), EU-US Privacy Shield Certified, Signor of the Privacy Pledge

All volunteers and staff on Connect meet Camp Twin Lakes’ Volunteer Standards. Campers will never be able to directly chat one-on-one with an adult. Even digitally, Camp’s “Rule of Three” is the best practice!

To learn more about what Camp Twin Lakes has put in place to protect your child, we encourage you to check out our Camp Twin Lakes: Connect Releases & Acknowledgement Statements and our Camp Twin Lakes: Connect Community Standards.

It is important for parents and guardians to recognize that with any online platform, there are always inherent risks. We strongly encourage parents/guardians to actively supervise their children’s activity on the platform and online.

Watch to learn more about online safety!

Our Connect Partners

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