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Meet Our Will-A-Way Program Coordinator!

At Camp Twin Lakes, we take fun very seriously. That’s why the program team works diligently to make sure that all of our programming is fun, engaging, and tailored to our Camp Partners’ needs! Last week we sat down with Matt Eason, the Program Coordinator at CTL-WAW, to talk about his role in creating camp magic!

Matt started off as a volunteer for a Partner Camp then moved on to intern with CTL, and eventually became a fellow for CTL-Dream. His journey through Camp Twin Lakes’ various positions showed him Camp Twin Lakes emphasis on leadership, which he describes saying ”[There] is a real emphasis in the whole organization  on leadership development. Josh Sweat [The Senior Manager of Programs] is helping me develop, I’m helping the fellows develop, and the fellows are helping the returning staff develop. It’s in our culture… here, our business is camp.” As a Program Coordinator, Matt creates unique schedules with each Camp Partner to best combine the Partner’s needs and activities with what CTL has to offer! Working with different Camp Partner directors each week provides many opportunities for creative programming, and is a great learning opportunity for staff.

Programs can range from traditional camp activities, such as boating, climbing, archery, etc. to special events like talent shows and Wacky Olympics!  One of Matt’s favorite programs is DA-NU-WAW, a program created by our own staff at Will-A-Way. DA-NU-WAW is a combination of capture the flag, riddles, challenges, hide and seek, and more. The varied aspects of the game allow every camper to shine- each trait is valuable in the game, from athleticism to problem solving!

Matt loves the flexibility that programming provides. He can control what his day looks like- if he’s in the mood to have fun with campers, he can! (He especially likes starting splash wars during boating session.) Programming is a core aspect of CTL and makes each week special for the campers. Thanks Matt for your time and effort in making camp magic!