Camp Twin Lakes- Camp Dream

Phone: 706-557-9070 x203
Address: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation
6135 Roosevelt Highway
Warm Springs, GA 31830

Camp Twin Lakes began operating its third overnight campsite at Camp Dream in Warm Springs, GA in the summer of 2011. In collaboration with the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation, we began providing recreational opportunities in a short summer session. The Camp Dream campsite provides a unique recreational opportunity in the form of the Center for Therapeutic Recreation.

The magic of Dream

Lake Front Swimming

The fully-accessible beach allows gradual entrance to the water for campers to enjoy.

The Garden

Campers learn where their food comes from and gets their hands dirty in wheelchair accessible beds.


Campers of all ages can bicycle through camp or on nature trails.

Outdoor Pavilion

Aside from the basketball court, the pavilion is home to spirit time, camp dances, and group initiatives.

Boating Activities

Launch system grab bars easily move campers from their wheelchairs to watercraft.


Campers get to shoot bulls-eyes with the help of specially trained staff and adaptive equipment.

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